Why We Made It

It began life as a stage show…

A little over ten years ago, we created a show called ‘The Letter’, which toured to churches and theatres throughout the UK, delighting, moving and inspiring audiences wherever it went.

The tour came to an end, however, we always felt as that our time with Paul wasn’t yet over.

Then - a couple of years ago - came the idea to create a podcast serial…


This was very exciting - but we had a lot of questions.  We knew how the material worked well as a stage show - but we weren’t sure how that would translate for people listening in a purely audio format. We were determined to keep the humour & life of the original, which had worked so well in the shared, communal experience of a theatre show - but weren’t sure how that would come across to an audience of one?

How would we perform it? On stage we had been a small cast playing hundreds of characters, with silly voices, hats & masks - did we now need to go all serious and naturalistic? 

So we created a new style, which sets out to capture the life, ethos - and indeed some of the original performances - from the theatre show.  Just for you.


Paul is timeless. We didn’t set out to create a period drama. Rather a performance that focuses very much on what Paul has to say to us in the here and now. (This is one of the reasons we chose to stick to our original accents)


We hope you enjoy it.

(Please do recommend us to your friends)

We hope you’ll be entertained… inspired…

And discover this great man in a whole new way…

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